Eucalyptus Gift Set

This tiny gift is packed with the power of Eucalyptus essential oil, the healer.
You get 2 morning mist and a eucalyptus grapeseed oil.

Benefits: Treats dandruff, soothes inflammation, anti fungal and anti microbial.

Use as part of your daily hair care routine.

Fruity Gift Set

This tiny gift set is packed with the power of Glycerin, water, and fragrance oils, aromatherapy. You get 3 different morning mists. (12 oz. total)
Benefits: moisturizing, conditioning, and aromatherapy. Use as part of your daily hair care routine.

Loc Life: Lifestyles of Tenacious Men

Loc Life: Lifestyles of Tenacious Men – Vivid color photos depicting lifestyles, careers, hobbies, fitness, and more, are beautifully and intricately woven within the very fabric of this book. Rich life stories and their hair journeys are documented to share their outstanding passages while becoming and being tenacious men.


This book was inspired by the amazing, beautiful, gifted, inspirational, natural beauties who have chosen me as their natural hair care specialist. Each appointment affords me another opportunity to hear about their wonderful accomplishments and to celebrate their magnificence as they give back to their communities. These people should be celebrated! Therefore, I have united with them in this celebratory book. It is here that we celebrate our God, our professions, gifts and talents. Here you will witness the beauty of Loc Life!

Lovelylocs Grapeseed Oil

LovelyLocs Grapeseed Oil is an amazing product for skin and haircare. Massage your scalp with this awesome oil to remove dandruff and restore moisture. Regular massaging reduces scalp irritation, dry skin, stimulates hair growth and gives healthy and shiny hair.

Lovelylocs Morning Mist

MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE! It’s important to keep your hair in a well hydrated state to resist breakage and excessive hair loss. Let us help you with that! Our┬áMorning Mist comes in several fragrances. The spray is primarily for moisture, styling ease, and to refresh your hair when you are short on time and washing is not an option.

Lovelylocs Shampoo

Health is precious. Life is priceless. We are proud to say that all LovelyLocs Hair Products are organic and are perfect for all hair types! Invest in organic because YOU are worth it!