The company was founded by Linita Butler, a natural hair care specialist.  In 2000 Lovelylocs began as a home-based hair business. Linita, a divorced mother of two, struggled to maintain a life style that she and her children were accustomed to having. After years of doing hair and referring clients to other people‚Äôs products, some of her clients encouraged Linita to create her own line of natural products.


In 2000 Lovelylocs Natural Hair Care began providing women and men personalized hair care. Our motto was “Celebrate your natural beauty.” Then in 2013 Lovelylocs Natural Hair Care Products was launched. This was a dream come true for Linita Butler, the founder and CEO. Her goal is to educate, inform, and enlighten people about the benefits of natural ingredients. Her ultimate mission is to promote health by using great natural products and to encourage people to live overall healthier lifestyles.

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